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The staff throughout the setting nurture the children's natural ability to learn, they are given opportunities to experience learning through many resources and the positive input and interaction from the trained staff. All the activities are based around the Early Learning goals set down by the government to enable them to reach the end of the Foundation Stage.

Learning is encouraged through play and having fun. Our aim is to help all children to reach their full potential at each stage of their development. We understand the importance of encouraging their learning by providing many opportunities for children to explore, ask questions, enjoy activities and socialise with other children.

Experiences are always varied so that children can enjoy and explore different materials and resources, with everything easily accessible to the children so they can follow their own interests. We provide a balance of adult-led activities, such as stories and "circle-time", with child-initiated play, ensuring children can take the initiative in their own learning.

Butterfly Room

Within the academic year before your child starts reception/school the children will enter the Butterfly Room, where our dedicated staff will support the children in extending their learning and confidence. The children will be introduced to Early phonics, learning group time and developing self-help skills to prepare them for their next steps going into Reception Class.


Caterpillar Room

This is an environment where the children will, with the support of their key person, separate from their main carer and begin to explore and interact with their peers in a safe and stimulating environment. In this room we cater for children from 18 months, the children will be encouraged to join in with group activities and new experiences to extend their development – This is where their journey begins.


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